Tuned for WordPress We have built and tested a platform truly tuned for WordPress. Deployed on SSD arrays and powered by TurboStack we deliver unrivaled website speed and performance. Our Plesk WordPress Toolkit provides a rich feature set including core, plugin and theme auto-updates, an in-built security toolbox, cache control, debugging + maintenance control and site migration tools.

High Resource Allocation

All WordPress instances get 3 CPU cores and 3GB memory. PHP's limits are set high with memory_limit: 256mb, post_max_size: 128M, upload_max_filesize: 96M and other generous limits.

Core Updates

The Plesk WordPress Toolkit will update your core files based on user settings. You can set this to "Minor" so WordPress will auto-update from 4.9.1 to 4.9.2 or you can set to "Major" which will auto-update WordPress to latest version regardless of version number. You can also enable auto-update of plugins and themes.

Staging Areas

Our "Clone" utility copies your website’s files and database to a new or existing location and changes all your URLs to point to the new address. By default this will be a subdomain called staging.domain.com. If you are cloning to a new subdomain that hasn’t been set up the Toolkit will do that for you. You can also clone to another domain or subscription listed in your account.

Site Sync

The Plesk WordPress Toolkit removes any hassle of synchronizing changes made on your development site to to your production site. Once you’ve worked on your staging site it’s now time to make those changes live. If you have only made file changes and want to keep the database intact on your production domain you can just coy files. Or if you made database changes and don’t need to sync the files the Sync function and copy over just the database or selected tables.

In-Built Security Toolbox

Our in-built Security Toolkit will scan your WordPress instance and make recommendation on how to harden it. It will secure file and folder permissions, disable XML-RPC, change admin username and database prefix and set your security keys among many other things.

Developer Tools

Manage your WordPress instance from the command-line with WP-CLI and deploy and manage your codebase from your favorite Git or local repo.

50 Domain Server Limit

This is how we keep our servers extremely stable. Unlike other hosts we don't load up a server with thousands of domains. In fact we employ a strict 50 domains per server policy.

Plugin Essentials

WordPress instances are provisioned with a set of plugins that are primarily focused on improving the perforance of your WordPress site. These plugins aggregate CSS and JS files, defer parsing of JavaScript and allow you to host Google Analytics and Fonts locally. We also install a custom Redis cache plugin, Akismet for spam comments, YoastSEO and our favorite backup plugin (to give you a third layer f backup redundancy. For a full list please see this post.