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Enterprise Grade Feature Set

Experience the power of managed WordPress hosting on a shared hosting platform. All domains use LVE container techonology to isolate and guarantee resource and each domain's file system is caged to ensure security. Each container has 3gb memory and 3 CPU cores at its disposal. And servers are capped at 50 domains to ensure server stability. Domains are powered by NGINX with full page caching and optional Redis caching is available for no extra charge. Your domain is backed up every day to an external storage cluster and you can verify backup integrity and restore and download backed-up file from within PLESK.

Tuned for WordPress Our platform is tailor-made for WordPress.

Ultra Secure Hosting We employ one of the most sophisticated security systems found on any Linux server in the world today. We couple this with a hardened security policy and the result is a web server with armored plating.

Tailor-Made Hosting Solutions

Real Domains
Real Resources

What do we mean by "Real Websites"? If you select betaPRESS or or deltaPRESS you can host multiple domains. These are NOT your traditional Addon domains. Addon domains are a problem because they share the resources of the main domain. They are also a security risk as their file systems are not isolated from the main domain and other addon domains. When we say "Real Website" we mean that each of your domains gets the full 3gb and 3 CPU cores and do not share this resource limit. Each domain is set up on Plesk's subscription level meaning it has its own file system and is completely isolated and secure.

Our TurboStack Performance Platform Accelerate your website's loading time with this incredible technology stack.

Data Protection Your data is precious to us and we treat it accordingly with comprehensive backup policy.

Spam-Free, Reliable Email Included Unlike other Managed WordPress hosts we offer a fully featured email service that is 99% spam-free and 100% clean from all blacklists.

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