Free SSL certificates with Let's Encrypt?

With the advent of the SNI (Server Name Indication) technology clients no longer need a dedicated IP address to install an SSL certificate. And now with Let's Encrypt client's can install SSL certificates with a few clicks in their control panel. No domain validation process required and no associated costs. Let's Encrypt SSL certificates are valid for 3 months at which point you renew just by clicking a few more buttons.

cPanelOn cPanel you'll find Let's Encrypt in the Security section.

PleskOn Plesk you'll find Let's Encrypt under Websites & Domains at the bottom.

InstallingSimply click "Issue" next to your domain name.

Done!Doesn't get any simpler than that.

Please note that Windows servers fully support SNI and Let's Encrypt but as of yet there is no Plesk plugin for it. If you're on a Windows server and would like a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate just contact your friendly support team and they can generate a certificate for you with some server voodoo from the backend.