Let's Encrypt

With the advent of the SNI (Server Name Indication) technology clients no longer need a dedicated IP address to install an SSL certificate. And now with Let's Encrypt client's can install SSL certificates with a few clicks in their control panel. No domain validation process required and no associated costs. Let's Encrypt SSL certificates are valid for 3 months and our syste will also auto-renew the certificate every 3 months.

Installing Let's Encrypt Simply click "INSTALL" inside Let's Encrypt!

Installing Let's Encrypt In Plesk

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Real Domains
Real Resources

What do we mean by "Real Websites"? If you select betaPRESS or or deltaPRESS you can host multiple domains. These are NOT your traditional Addon domains. Addon domains are a problem because they share the resources of the main domain. They are also a security risk as their file systems are not isolated from the main domain and other addon domains. When we say "Real Website" we mean that each of your domains gets the full 3gb and 3 CPU cores and do not share this resource limit. Each domain is set up on Plesk's subscription level meaning it has its own file system and is completely isolated and secure.

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