Imunify360 Security Imunify360 utilizes a six-layer approach and a unique Proactive Defense technology to provide total protection against threats, such as known and unknown malware, and distributed brute force attacks, the most common type of attack for web servers. These screenshots are from the admin-level Dashboard available on our managed VPS platform. For Managed WordPress Hosting customers Imunify360 displays the malware scanner as of Q3 2018. This software is under active development with more data being made to end-users very soon.

Centralized Incident Management

Advanced Firewall

Intrusion Detection and Protection System

Malware Detection

Proactive Defense

Reputation Management

Website Reputation Monitoring

If you are added to the Google blacklist as a site that distributes malware, you will be excluded from Google search results, which can be devastating for business. If you get on an RBL list as a spammer, your emails to customers might not be delivered. If you don't proactively monitor your website’s reputation, you might not find out about blacklisting for weeks or even months, at which point the problem could become ruinous.


All of our Cloud Servers are provisioned with KernelCare. KernelCare installs patches to the running server without any impact on performance. This allows you to stay up to date on all security patches to avoid disastrous incidents. KernelCare checks for new patches every four hours, and automatically applies those patches. This is all done silently and requires NO reboots or manual intervention at all.