Spam Experts

SpamExperts provides powerful protection against spam, eliminating spam before it reaches your inbox. The inbound filter quarantines all spam for further review. SpamExperts also monitors and filters outbound mail ensure compromised mailboxes cannot send spam and avoiding mail server blacklisting

SpamExperts is included for free on all Managed WordPress Hosting accounts and a complimentary 10 domain license is provided on some of our managed VPS hosting plans. Extra domains can be protected at just $0.50 per domain.

Threat Detection

With SpamExperts has an excellent threat detection and will filter 99.98% of spam and viruses without any kind of training required. New threats and spam attack vectors are constantly assessed and identified across the whole SpamExperts network. Protection against new spam sources is in place before it has a chance to send other server in the SpamExperts network.

Reclaim your inbox

Spam Experts eliminates almost all spam emails before reaching your inbox. All spam emails are kept in a protected e-mail quarantine which can be viewed anytime.

Email Redundancy

If your mail server is unresponsive SpamExpert’s will accept inbound email and queue them for you. Queued messages will be pushed to the mail server automatically when the it becomes reachable again. Essentially, SpamExperts will work as a fail-over layer to your email infrastructure.

Mailbox Quarantine

The Spam Experts filtering system has a false-positive rate of 0.0001%, or less than one in a million. Thanks to SpamExpert’s 4-tier control panel, if ever, a "dubious newsletter" is blocked, you and your customers can easily locate every single email in the online quarantine or email-reports and release it, with just one click.

Scan outgoing emails to avoid blacklisting

Mail server blacklisting is a big problem and can have a negative impact on any business that relies heavily on email communication. SpamExperts scans outgoing mail and will refuse to send spam from a compromised mailbox or script. This ensures the mail server IP does not get blacklisted.

Email Archiving

The email archive stores all mail, inclusive of emails that are rejected as spam, in a locked archive which can be accessed at anytime. Archived emails are compressed and encrypted to comply with data protection rules and minimum storage space utilization.