ClusterLogics File Backup

At HostNexus our clients are protected by a multi-layered backup system. Our core backup system is powered by ClusterLogics and data is backed up to separate storage devices every day. The system is accessed via Plesk and clients can restore or download files and databases from multiple resore points. ClusterLogics archives data for 14 days, performing incremental backups for 6 days and a full backup on the 7th day. Clients can also configure local backups and send backups to remote FTP locations - including DropBox! Our ClusterLogics system also includes a full DR (Disaster Recovery) platform. ClusterLogics is also included in all our Managed VPS Hosting plans. Because no Managed VPS Hosting plan would be complete without multiple layers of backup protection and a built-in Disaster Recovery strategy!

Disaster Recovery

Our ClusterLogics system also includes a full DR (Disaster Recovery) platform. Traditional Bare Metal Restores (BMR) require a new server be built and then all data is restored. This can take many hours depending on the size of the dataset. With ClusterLogics backups can be converted into snapshot templates that can be used to build VMs and restored within minutes - no lengthy Bare Metal Restore needed! .

Plesk Integration We employ one of the most sophisticated security systems found on any Linux server in the world today. We couple this with a hardened security policy and the result is a web server with armored plating.