ModSecurity rules for Webhosting

This enhanced ModSecurity ruleset is based on intelligence gathered from real-world investigations, penetration tests and research data in the REAL LIFE environment of over 10 000 domains.

These rules have been developed by analyzing real traffic to websites over ten years. Web applications must be effectively protected against malware, botnet and hacker attacks at all times. Our Enhanced ModSecurity WAF ruleset provides powerful, real-time protection for web applications and websites running on Apache and Nginx linux servers with ModSecurity enabled. These rules provide advanced filtering, security and intrusion protection for PHP applications like WordPress. As part of our security suite ModSecurity is installed and configured with these rules and tightly integrated with Imunify360. It makes our servers are impenetrable at the application layer.

All the servers on our Managed WordPress platform are deployed with this ruleset. It is also included for free on our SSD-100 and SSD-200 Managed VPS Hosting plans. SSD-60 clients and our Managed Dedicated Server clients can purchased this ruleset for just $10/mo.

The Enhanced WAF rule is broken down into the following attack categories:

Fully Managed VPS Hosting Solutions