It Is Better To Risk And Lose…..

With big risks come big rewards. And often big failures. But never big regrets. But in my experience the bigger the risk the less the chance of failure. That might sound upside-down but think about it this way. If you have a side hustle that you are trying to grow into a main business all your are sacrificing is some time and your risk is maybe some small start-up capital. If it fails you still have your main job – your risks are minimal. Now lets say you save up some cash and quit your main job and your side hustle becomes your main source of income. Your risk is huge, the stakes couldn’t be higher. You have no choice BUT TO WIN. Your drive to succeed will have so much more power and with some tunnel-vision, single-mindedness and pure self-determination your success should be all but guaranteed.

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Laurence Flynn

Laurence Flynn

Hey! I'm Laurence, hosting industry veteran and entrepreneur, obsessed with web performance. My aim is to build the cheapest and fastest Optimized WordPress Hosting platform available today. Our back-end systems include Nginx and Redis combined with PHP 7, FPM and MariaDB to deliver maximum performance. Our front-end UI is powered by the beautiful Plesk control panel to deliver a smooth user experience. All secured with Imunify360, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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