Remember Where You Came From…..


If you were born into a low income household the memories of the things you had to do without should be motivation enough to succeed. For me I want to give my kids the opportunities I never had and that is more than enough motivation. I have also started from zero in my life too many times and not having to experience that pain also spurs me on. However, it was one of those start from zero situations that taught me valuable lessons and propelled me to start my own business. I put everything on the line and had no choice but to succeed. So for me it’s the memory of that state of mind, produced by a hard set of circumstances, that fuels me. I don’t think I will ever experience that level of focus, as I was digging myself out of that hole, but if I can always come close I know I will always overcome. 🏆🏆🏆

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Laurence Flynn

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