Setting Goals…..

setting goals

What are you going to achieve tomorrow? Set a goal, write it down. What are you going to achieve this week? Set some goals, write them down. What are the short-term, medium-term, long-term revenue goals for your business? Write them down. Set goals for everything and be AUDACIOUS. Set goals that are ridiculous but not unattainable. You might not reach those goals but you might reach a point that gives you satisfaction. Adjust your medium-term goals as the time-frame of short term goals pass. Always be striving for MORE. 😎😎😎 

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Laurence Flynn

Hey! I'm Laurence, hosting industry veteran and entrepreneur, obsessed with web performance. My aim is to build the cheapest and fastest Optimized WordPress Hosting platform available today. Our back-end systems include Nginx and Redis combined with PHP 7, FPM and MariaDB to deliver maximum performance. Our front-end UI is powered by the beautiful Plesk control panel to deliver a smooth user experience. All secured with Imunify360, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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