• Dedicated Management

    We provide very real and complete Management for your server. This means we do all the system administration and our support team is available to you to undertake any task. To say we go the extra mile is quite an understatement.

  • Hardware Maintenance

    We manage and monitor all the hardware in our server. Sometimes hardware can fail and if does we are aware and replace faulty hardware immediately. We have a large stockpile of drives, RAM DIMMs, PSUs, cables and even spare servers to draw from if hardware ever needs replacing.

  • Software Management

    Your server comes installed with a variety of software including the operating system, control panel as well as related services like Apache, MySQL, Qmail and Bind. We are experts in all these programs and provide full support for any issues related to them. We also help our clients with any custom software and applications they install and often install programs free of charge.

  • Network Administration

    We manage the network behind your server and guarantee its availability via our solid 99.9% SLA. Just like you don't have to worry about server administration you also don't need to worry about routers and switches. At HostNexus our goal is to allow you to focus on your business and leave the backend to us.

  • Server Security

    Our team will secure your server at installation and maintain its security. The list of programs installed and tasks undertaken include Firewall installation, SpamAssassin install and configuration and Anti-virus install. The system is then hardened against syn-flood attacks, DNS poisoning, spoofed packets and ICMP attacks - and alot more..

  • Around The Clock Monitoring

    Most people aren't server administrators and we understand that you just want the control of dedicated hosting without the headache which is why we monitor all the services on your server and proactively restore services if they fail to restart.

  • Reactive Support

    As well as proactively monitoring your server and intervening when necessary and proactively applying security updates and patches our support team gives a whole new definition to "Fully Managed" with our Reactive Support promise. Most hosts will often reply with "That doesn't fall under our sphere of support" but at HostNexus we will assist you with whatever you need. We are truly here for you!