Included with every Cloud VPS

  • Enterprise Class Cloud Architecture

    We use the Hewlett Packard BladeSystem witn Gen9 Proliant Blade Servers in c7000 Enclosures.

  • 100% Pure SSD RAID 50 Arrays

    Our DAS storage arrays are 100% Solid State Drives (SSD). Our typical configuration for these incredibly fast drives is 12x600gb in performance enhancing RAID 50.

  • Powered by OnApp

    Our Cloud is powered by OnApp, specialist software designed for the web hosting industry. The key component is the OnApp Controller which oversees the functions and resources of the entire cloud infrastructure. The OnApp Controller is responsible for controlling individual virtual machines, maintaining backups and monitoring the health of hypervisors and storage arrays.

  • Full Server Management

    Every Cloud VPS Server is fully managed by our expert System Administrators and support staff. Full Server Management includes securing server at installation, maintaining server and software updates, monitoring server 24x7x365, proactively detecting and restarting failed services, managing the server hardware and managing network infrastructure. Plus helping our clients with any form of troubleshooting.

  • Choose Your OS Template

    Choose from an extensive list of Linux distributions - from CentOS to Ubuntu to Debian - and more.

  • cPanel/WHM and Plesk Available

    We provide and support the most popular hosting control panel software - cPanel and Plesk.

  • Remote VM Snapshots

    A Snapshot backup is the backup taken by OnApp. It contains just one file and is used for emergency disaster recovery. It contains all files and configurations from the Cloud VPS and runs daily. Clients may opt for this backup instead of R1Soft.

  • R1Soft Backups

    Each Cloud VPS includes 50gb of R1Soft backup space for free. Via the R1Soft control panel you can monitor, restore and download backups from the last 2 weeks.

  • 24/7 Expert Technical Support

    We have a full-time server administration team consisting of 4 Linux technicians and 4 Windows technicians and they are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist our clients with any technical issues they may have.