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Welcome to nexus 3.0


It’s hard to believe.  Some say it would never be achieved.  They were almost right. But finally, (FINALLY!) the new HostNexus is live.  There are a few elements that need to be ported over from the old site and NexusPortal and that will be completed in due course but the meat and potatoes is in.

The new site is modern with a web 2.0 feel which is a direct reflection on the direction in which I’m taking the company.   This new site incorporates the content from NexusPortal so everything is on the domain. Please bow your heads in remembrance of NexusPortal, she served us well and will be remembered. But now – onto newer, bigger and better things!

HN Blog – I’m quite excited to be finally blogging at HostNexus.  This won’t be your average boring corporate blog that reads like a list of mundane press releases.  There is going to real CONTENT and topics that everyone at HN can relate to.  I’m back in the SEO game after a loooong break and I’m going to be taking (or trying to) HN back to the top of the SERPs in one of the most competitive niches in the engines with a whole new strategy.  And if I can do it in the “web hosting” niche, YOU can do it in your niches and dominate your rankings.  So watch that SERP for web hosting provider as that is one phrase I’ll be targeting. So I’ll be posting regularly on what I’m doing and the progress I’m making and hopefully some people can chime in with ideas and we can learn from each other.

Take a look around the new site, check out the new plans and new line of servers and do let me know if there are any errors or broken links.  Check out the new support system (well same system with integrated skin) and you’ll notice the forum has a matching skin too.  The index page of the ticket system pulls a feed from the Status category of this blog and if there are ever any issues we will be updating there so you can see if there’s an issue before you submit a ticket.

Also note Live Chat is back and it should be pretty much 24/7 as all techs will be on it.

Finally, please do subscribe to this blog and comment away.   I’ve had fun with plugins and it’s also DoFollow with CommentLuv.  Spammers will be executed of course!

– Laurence

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Laurence Flynn

Laurence Flynn

Hey! I'm Laurence, hosting industry veteran and entrepreneur, obsessed with web performance. My aim is to build the cheapest and fastest Optimized WordPress Hosting platform available today. Our back-end systems include Nginx and Redis combined with PHP 7, FPM and MariaDB to deliver maximum performance. Our front-end UI is powered by the beautiful Plesk control panel to deliver a smooth user experience. All secured with Imunify360, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Connect with me on LinkedIn.


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