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With the launch of our new site we also launched a new support & billing portal which we are calling HostNexus Connect. From here clients can manage their billing, pay invoices, contact support, view the server monitor, see our announcements, check for server issues, manage affiliate account and also order new services.  It supports multiple languages which you can choose from the top right of the login screen (pictured right) but of course we will only respond in English. :)

Everything should be pretty straightforward but I’ll run through all the sections with screenshots in case you get lost in there.


The dashboard layout is super intuitive and you’ll find all your most used features right there on this front page. Click the double arrows top left to expand the menu so you have words and not just icons. Along the top you’ll see 3 boxes with summaries of Services, Support Tickets and Invoices. Under that you’ll have an excerpt of our latest Announcement and under that a section for active Support Tickets and then a list of any due Invoices. For added convenience you can open a new Support Ticket right from this page and pay all due Invoices.




Account Details

It’s very important that you keep your contact details up to date so we can easily communicate with you. You can click your name or Gravatar top right or go to Account > My Details on the left hand menu. You can add multiple contacts here for webmasters, developers, billing managers etc and also configure what they can do in your account (create tickets, pay invoices etc).


Clicking on the Services box at the top of the Dashboard or navigating to Services on the left menu takes you to a list of all your services, active or cancelled. Click on View Details next to any Service to see the details for that particular service. It will show you your next due date (when you’ll be billed next), server information and nameservers. Clicking on Management Actions gives you an option to cancel that Service. No need to send a separate request for that.


You can access your invoice history via the Dashboard (top right button) or by navigating to My Invoices in the left hand menu. Click on an individual Invoice to pay or click Pay All to pay all outstanding invoices. When you pay an invoice it will set up recurring billing with a credit card (via WorldPay) or with PayPal so there is no need to pay invoices when they are generated – only if you get an Invoice Overdue email which means that something is wrong at these payment processors like a card on file might have expired. Please note we do not store credit card numbers.

Support Tickets

You can access your ticket history via the Dashboard (top middle button) or by navigating to Support > Support Tickets in the left hand menu. Click on an individual Ticket to respond or close a ticket. You can of course just email in a reply and it will be piped into the system. Click New Ticket to create a new Support request.

Server Monitor

Click on Support > Server Monitor to check for server issues. This server status page will show a monitor for servers that you have accounts on and will show a status update area if a server has an issue that we are working on. If a server that you have an account on is experiencing problems or there is some kind of maintenance it will posted here but also this Status Update will be mailed to you – pretty nifty. :)

There is also a link at the bottom to View All Servers. This page may take a while to load as there a lot of servers! Please note that the script we use will not show load stats for Windows machines.


Clicking on Support > Announcements or clicking on the date in the Announcement excerpt in the Dashboard will take you to a list of our latest news. This news item will also be mailed to you. The Announcement pages are actually publicly viewable so feel free to share far and wide and comment. :)

Affiliate Program

HostNexus Connect has a built in Affiliate Program that we will be developing in 2017. If you have customers or blog subscribers think about sending an email recommending HostNexus and get $30 per sale.

Order Services and View Emails

Finally, you can easily order new Services by clicking Order on the bottom of the left hand menu. And clicking the Email icon next to your name will show your last 3 emails to/from HostNexus with a View All link to view every email you ever sent us or we ever sent you.

I hope you like the new system (I certainly do :)).

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Laurence Flynn

Hey! I'm Laurence, hosting industry veteran and entrepreneur, obsessed with web performance. My aim is to build the cheapest and fastest Optimized WordPress Hosting platform available today. Our back-end systems include Nginx and Redis combined with PHP 7, FPM and MariaDB to deliver maximum performance. Our front-end UI is powered by the beautiful Plesk control panel to deliver a smooth user experience. All secured with Imunify360, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Connect with me on LinkedIn.


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  • Hi Laurence,
    I originally set up a HostNexus shared account back in 2010 using WorldPay as the payment service. Will this arrangement continue to work, or do I need to pay through the new billing system here?
    Also, WorldPay incurs a foreign charge fee on my credit card. I’m in the US. If it’s possible to pay through the new system here, does that avoid the foreign charge credit card fee?

  • Hi Andy,

    I’m moving everyone across slowly. I can certainly put you to the front of the queue. It’s still WorldPay but this account is UK based rather than the other which was in AUD. You might still get a charge but you might now, might be different rules per country. You can always use PayPal – no associated charges there. Let me know if you want me to switch you to the new system.

    • Hi Laurence,
      I’ll just use Worldpay this year then, if that still works. Will that work okay for this account? It’s scheduled to become due in 2 days, on the 28th.

  • Sure, that will be fine. I’ll probably have everyone moved over to the new system by end of 2017 (lots of clients and it’s just me – I can only do so many one day/week).