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"I have a wonderful shared server account with hostnexus, however occasionally I will mess something up, or I need a new feature installed to supplement my existing service, IE ImageMagick or some other backend software to run with PHP. The support team for HostNexus is both wonderful and efficient. When I have a problem, I get a timely response with a detailed explanation as to what was going on and how I could fix it if I had something that needed to be done on my end. Live support is available for me 24/7 and the support ticket system is fast, friendly, and easy to use. I want to give a big thank you to the entire Linux Support Team at HostNexus, and to all the other members of the HostNexus team for helping me achieve my goals."

Joshua Cottrell

"You people really seems to provide good hosting services.. shall be asking our overseas web designing customers to purchase hosting from you people !!!


Veena Jiaswal

"Hostnexus has been true to their word when it comes to customer support and tech. support. Being with Hostnexus for almost a year I must say there is no other hosting solution that even compares to Hostnexus. You guys and gals are awesome. Thank you all for your customer care and support."

Thomas Janssens

"I couldn't get my site up and fired off a request for help to support. They answered within the hour and discovered that I hadn't changed the DNS records. I'm embarrassed but very impressed with your customer service."

Kai Garrett

"At the end of March of 2002, I was searching for a good low cost host. I had started a web site with my local ISPs hosting service more than five years ago, then spent a year with Dell Host, and then a year with Alabanza's Linux Web Host. By 2002, there were a lot of low cost hosting services that caught my eye, and I started trying them. I went through several low cost hosting services before trying Host Nexus at the end of March, 2002. They seemed to have good plans for a large number of domains, and they projected a good personality, but a slow service response and a rough start led me to cancel the account before even moving the domain's DNS.

I tried several more low cost hosting services, each tending to prove the adage that you get what you pay for. I finally settled on a hosting service that owned their Florida-based data center for my primary business domain (it was expensive, but the most reasonable cost of hosts that own their data center.) I was still looking for a host for several nonprofit sites I help, that did not having such demanding needs as my business site, when I remembered the personality of HostNexus.

By that time, I had come to the conclusion that a large percentage of the low cost hosting services were rookie resellers and co-located server operators without much knowledge of the technical part of what they were doing - and most of them were easily offended if you pointed out that fact. Host Nexus people were nice, and technically smart, so I tried an account there again. It worked out very well this time.

I'm hosting a number of nonprofit domains now for a low price, and the service is generally quite satisfactory. That can be qualified by the fact that for a couple of months there were frequent, annoying problems with the Delta server I was on – to the point where it sometimes seemed it would put an end to my use of HostNexus. But the good personality and technical smarts came through and kept the Delta server domain owners around long enough for the techies to resolve the problem and get the server humming smoothly again. That was an interesting experience, and the result built some confidence in the ability of Host Nexus to successfully deal with technical issues. The people I have dealt with at Host Nexus have won my admiration for their ability.

As you can see, this is not PR hype - this is what I have experienced with Host Nexus. If you want to deal with real, well-disposed and technically competent people, then maybe you should give it a try. I feel, based on experience, you won't find a better low cost host.

Incidentally, because of recent mail server delays and problems at the hosting service that owns their data center, I decided to move my primary business domain to Host Nexus"

William D. Smith

"I am host nexus customer from almost 5 yrs. Really they helped me out of box, sometime I need many suggestion they always reply me in couple of minutes, I am very satisfy with the services. I wish they will keep same customer support in future. Keep in up! - Ajay"


"After nearly five years of hosting multiple high-traffic sites with HostNexus, I remain a completely satisfied customer with no complaints and plenty of praise. Security, stability, speed, and service have all been top-notch. I continue to highly recommend HostNexus to all my associates and clients and look forward to many more years of working with them as a hosting partner."

Andrei Zimiles

"I've tried several web hosts and Host Nexus is by far the best. I have only rave reviews of their support and infrastructure. Thanks!"


"Good communication is essential for a good service, and you guys try very hard to keep us in the loop when something happen or just want to share future project.

Keep up the good work."

Sinuhe Huidobro

"Without Host Nexus, I simply wouldn't be hosting domains and Web sites. They provide support beyond compare, for newbies like me. Fast, reliable, solid performance at every level. And all at a price I can afford! I love these guys!"

Doug Long

"Before I found Hostnexus (HN), I changed from web host to web host looking for good service and a decent price. With HN, I found both, but I also found a company that cares, a company that promotes community. I appreciate that fact.

As a multi-domain user, I needed a web host that could meet those needs, HN does that without question. I had tried 6 web hosts in three years and I had problems with all (and I am a simple user). With HN, no major problems and all small ones solved within hours, not days.

I see myself as a customer of HN 5 years and even 10 years from now, they service my needs with a very professional, but caring, attitude. Thanks HN."

David Schaeffer

"It's comforting to know that the team responsible for keeping your server running 24/7 do not hide behind closed doors, answering machines or automated e-mail systems. If they are willing to join in and chat with everyone, and to help out with minor problems and questions, you know you're in good hands should anything unfortunate happen to your server."

Rob Spriggs

"From a Newbie to Nexology in 12 short months... and they said a grandmother couldn't do it. With the patient assistance, superb personal support and the ever friendly encouragement from Host Nexus, I now run my own small business from home. I can rely on Host Nexus, and I do!"

Susanna Duffy

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