Speeding Up Your SQL Server Connections

At HostNexus we have 3 SQL servers plugged into our Windows servers. Two are SQL 2005 (SQL1 and SQL2) and we have one SQL 2008 server (SQL3). I’m sure most people connect to their SQL server via the public IP or “sql.yourdomain.com” and connecting in this way sends your SQL traffic over the public network switch. We also have a secondary network on all our shared servers and this means you can connect to your SQL Server via the private network IP which will significantly improve your SQL performance in terms of response speed. Here is a list of the SQL servers and their private IPs:

SQL1 (2005) –
SQL2 (2005) –
SQL3 (2008) –

Simply edit your MSSQL connection scripts with the private IP of your SQL server and reap the benefits. šŸ™‚

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  1. Eric

    This is very cool. You say that the shared servers are all on a secondary network, but what about dedicated servers? I recently moved to a dedicated windows server with you guys and I’m running Coldfusion apps on it. Can I just substitute the 192 address in my CF Admin panel and “reap the benefits” of the faster connection?


    1. Laurence (aka NexDog)
      Post author
      Laurence (aka NexDog)

      Hi Eric,

      The dedicated servers aren’t configured by default to hook into the SQL private network but I think it can be done for an extra $10/mo (for the cross-over cable/switch). If you’d like me to see if it canbe done for your server please contact me at Sales.

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