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We are seeing an increasing amount of spam being sent by Coldfusion scripts which is due to us not enforcing SMTP Auth in CF – this has to change or our servers will get continually blacklisted. This is a very simple change though!

To enable SMTP Authentication you need to :

1. Create a valid email on your domain. But for domains that have a different MX server you will need to connect to that MX mail server).
2. Change the CF code in the CFMAIL tag to include the username and password of the valid mailbox as outlined here:

Abobe CF MAIL Documentation

Simple example :

< cfmail subject = "Contact" from = "test@localdomain.com" to = "test1@remotedomain.com" server = "localhost" username = "test@localdomain.com" password = "mailboxpassword" >

We will start enforcing CF to authenticate against a valid mailbox from Monday 13th February so please make sure you have fixed your code by then. If you make alterations and find you are having issues with sending mail please let Technical Support know and we’ll look at your code and assist.

Many thanks.

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