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Which SSL Certificate I need?


There are several types of SSL Certificates available for you to choose from. In this section we are going to see the different types of SSL Certificates and what they are.

  • Shared Certificates

  • Domain Validated Certificates

  • Company Validated Certificates

  • Extended Validation Certificates

  • Wildcard Certificates

  • Multi-Domain Certificates

Shared Certificates: This certificate is shared, so it can not be used for personal domains, it is used when you have to connect using a secure connection like admin area which is not seen by the general visitors. It can not be used for e-commerce sites which accepts payment transactions.

Domain Validated Certificate: For websites using payment processing or if the general visitors visits secure section of the site, this certificate can be used. It is tied directly to your personal domain name and makes it an ideal choice for e-commerce websites.

Company Validated Certificate: This certificate is similar to the Domain Validated certificate but requires more documents to certify the company. With more validations, the visitors will have more confidence in the site's security.

Extended Validation Certificate: This certificate verifies business identity, provides secure connection and prevents fraud. It tells the visitors that they are using a verified business on a secured domain.

Wildcard Certificate: This certificate is for websites which uses SSL certificates for the subdomains, it provides SSL encryption on unlimited subdomains with a single certificate.

Multi-Domain Certificate: A single certificate of this certificates provides secure connection for up to 100 domains

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