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How do I fix a duplicate email issue in Outlook?  Stampa Articolo

  1. Misconfigured Rules: There might be cases that two or more rules are fired upon receiving email, resulting in multiple instances of the same messages.
  2. Synchronization Issues: We have also observed duplicated contacts and messages resulting from sync problems with 3rd party providers.
  3. Send/Receive intervals are too short. If the frequency of your inbox update is too short; Outlook might load the message into your inbox, BUT might not be able to mark messages occurrences as synchronized/loaded. This results in multiplied occurrences of the same messages.
  4. Incorrect Account Setup: Mistakenly defined multiple occurrences of the same email account can result in multiple instances of each incoming email, contacts and calendar entries.

Solving Email Duplication

1) Misconfigured Rules: Under Rules > Manage Rules & Alerts, ensure that multiple rules are not firing in parallel for each incoming message.


2) Synchronization Issues: If using 3rd party web email providers, Check that your GMail, Yahoo and accounts are correctly defined in Outlook.

3) Send/Receive intervals: Decrease the frequency of your inbox update. Here’s the step by step process:

  • In Outlook, hit Send / Receive
  • Hit Send / Receive Groups
  • Select Define Send / Receive Group
  • Set the time interval to a value between 15 and 30 minutes
  • Click OK.

Cleaning your inbox

To clean up instances of duplicate mail go to "Clean Up" under the Home tab and select "Clean Up Conversation".

  • Clean up folder will delete and move duplicate emails in the specific folder to the Deleted Item.
  • Clean up folder and sub folders will allow you to clean up also subfolders.
  • Once done, you might right click on the Deleted Items folder and hit Empty Folder to delete your duplicated email instances for good.


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