[RESOLVED] Proton Crash 10th October EST

Incredible as though it may seem Proton has crashed again. All efforts to boot the machine have been unsuccessful. All hardware was swapped, server was swapped, chdisk ran on the RAID array. The server was completely clean, full malware and anti-virus scan just completed, Windows was up to date, yet the server just blue-screened every time – the sign of a corrupt OS.

We are restoring once more. When the server comes back up we should probably migrate everyone to other servers and through Proton out the window.

UPDATE: We are in the last stages of the Proton restore. We belive we have found a quicker method to complete this kind of issue and if everything went well the server should be running all services in a few hours.

UPDATE: As of about 12 hours ago all services have been restored on Proton. If you find any domains with problems it will probably be a simple permissions issue so please contact support immediately and we’ll fix for you.

Thanks to all for your patience. If you’d like to be moved to a different server please let us know and we’ll get that done.

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