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ARIES – Restore Complete

ARIES server crashed a few hours ago and prompted a File System Check (FSCK) upon reboot. The FSCK completed but has cause some problems, namely some corruption of the critical /usr directory that hold many OS files and libraries. We are attempting to restore this partition from a rescue CD. Will update you when we know more.

UPDATE: Most services have been restored and the main two things left are:

1) Email – working to get this back up right now

2) PHP – Some modules need to be compiled in. This will be done after mail is fixed.

[b]UPDATE:[/b] Aries should be 95% back to normal. Websites are up, mail is flowing and Plesk is working. We still have a few things to install (few perl/PHP modules) but these things should affect most people. If you notice something wrong with any sites or email please let us know immediately by emailing or submitting a ticket via the online Helpdesk.

Many thanks for your patience!

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